What sizes do you carry? 
Currently CaterSeal comes in four sizes: full-size, half-size, 1/3, and 1/6 size. 

With what type of pans will CaterSeals work? 
CaterSeals will work with virtually all metal or plastic pans made by the major manufacturers. Further, because they are made of flexible silicone they work with banged up and bent pans. 

How can they be used? 
CaterSeals can be used to hold lids in place, can be placed on the pan BEFORE putting on the lid, can be placed over commercial grade plastic wrap, and finally, if you put a CaterSeal on a pan professional polyvinyl film wrap solidly clings to the CaterSeal and will not lose its ‘clinginess’ as it is repeatedly removed and replaced. The seal is strong enough to permit picking the pan up by the professional polyvinyl film wrap (commercial grade wrap will tear before it will separate from the CaterSeal). 

Where can they be used? 
In a kitchen the CaterSeals can be used to store food. Chefs can easily tell what is in each pan, and assess how much there is available. They can be used in a steam line, where they can be used with professional polyvinyl film wrap to protect food until the appropriate time. Importantly, Utensils will not slip into a pan that has a CaterSeal on it. When transporting food, CaterSeals prevent spills with all that entails (lost product, messes, and lost time). 

Can you use CaterSeal in the oven? 
CaterSeals are designed to tolerate 450˙F. They can safely be used in the oven. 

Can you use CaterSeals in the freezer? 

How can CaterSeals save time? 
In the kitchen you can quickly assess how much product you have, and where it is. You save time when you apply CaterSeals instead of resorting to ‘cater wrap,’ and you should save time when setting up your steam line. Since spills are less likely, you save time spent in replacing product and cleaning up unpleasant messes. Since utensils won’t slip into pans, time spent cleaning up and replacing contaminated food is eliminated. 

How can CaterSeals save money? 
If you use professional polyvinyl film wrap to ‘cater wrap’ pans, CaterSeals will cut your professional polyvinyl film wrap expenses BY AT LEAST 75%. This means CaterSeals will pay for themselves quickly. (Note that unlike cater wrap, CaterSeals work!) Caterers can recoup their CaterSeal investment very quickly just in professional polyvinyl film wrap savings! 

Time is money, and time spent hunting for product in the kitchen or on a steam line is saved. Labor wasted on applying cater wrap, in cleaning up spills when transporting food, and labor spent in cleaning up pans contaminated by slipping utensils translates into money saved. 

Money is not wasted on replacing spilled product. 

Finally, when CaterSeals are on pans in a steam line the amount of energy that escapes is reduced. This means less energy is needed to maintain appropriate temperatures, and this results in lower energy costs. 

How do CaterSeals make an organization look good? 
CaterSeals look good on a steam line, and provide other benefits: your patrons don’t have to worry about utensils slipping and sliding, and using CaterSeals eliminates the noise from metal clanging against metal. This can make the culinary experience more pleasant and professional, and should reflect positively on you. 

What colors do they come in? 
Currently CaterSeal comes in two colors, gray and black. However, virtually any color can be specially ordered. 

Are they dishwasher safe? 

What material is used in CaterSeals? 
CaterSeals are made of FDA-compliant food-grade high quality silicone. 

Is it NSF approved?

How do I order CaterSeal products? 
CaterSeal has licensed its products as Pan Bands to Vollrath Company. You can order them by contacting Vollrath Company directly at 1.800.628.0830.