Easy. Convenient. Inexpensive. 
Revolutionizing the culinary world one kitchen at a time. 

CaterSeal is a new patented device that makes a fantastic accessory to any kitchen, large or small. From a local mom-and-pop restaurant to the bustling industrial kitchens of schools, hospitals, military bases and more, CaterSeals are guaranteed to increase efficiency and food preservation, no matter the size of the kitchen. 

Some of the many features and advantages of CaterSeal include: 
  • May be used with any lid
  • Improves temperature preservation for your creations, both cold and hot 
  • Provides an incredible grip using professional polyvinyl film wrap
  • May be used in steam lines, ovens and food warmers of all types 
  • Easily withstands temperatures of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Incredibly easy to apply
  • Conveniently folds in half for minimal storage space
  • Prevents serving utensils of all sorts from sliding into food, increasing food safety and sanitation for buffets
  • Dishwasher-safe for easy clean up 
  • Helps eliminate noise in dining and serving areas, allowing customers to better focus on the food and company 
  • And much, much more
CaterSeals also improves food presentation with two colors. From gray and a sleek black, CaterSeal allows you to enhance the presentation of your food and allow consistency in your business's branding efforts.